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Ephemeral Opulence

Ephemeral Opulence is a fashion jewelry brand founded in 2013 by Nataly Castañeda Aragón. The concept of the brand is mere opulence with a pinch of freshness and delicacy creating the perfect combo for the daring woman that wants to stand out.

Lotus is the name of its second collection making a tribute to one of its main source of inspiration, Kwan Yin, or Kuan Yin Shi, a goddess within Asian countries. In this particular case one of her legends was taken into account “The legend of Miao Shan” in which she is a princess from a wealthy family in China, and due to various factors as well as the stubbornness of her dad and her merciful and compassionate nature, she becomes the goddess of mercy, compassion and love.


Lotus is a vibrant collection full of

colorful energy inspired by Kwan Yin, her jewelry and her godliness manners, a collection full of presence, majestic pieces, royalty, and opulence. 

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