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Jewelry Design



Judith I is one of Gustav’s Klimt master pieces, from the first encounter I had with this masterpiece it instantly hypnotized me, I didn’t really know what it was, it was just so magnificent and full of sensual decadency that it was hard to stop looking at. His usage of gold in the background and how it mixed with her clothes and the choker, dressing her neck was just something that I instantly felt mesmerized by. 


Mesmerized portraits the sensuality of Judith with very alluring and seductive pieces, yet with a twist of strength and bravery represented on the structure of the chokers. The collection is all designed in 18k gold, with a variety of precious gemstones and colored stones, Mesmerized as it names states it, revolves around hypnotism, fasciation and sensuality. The neck being such a sensual and sophisticated canvas for women is the protagonist, converting it in the best weapon for that confident and sensual woman just like Judith. 

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